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"Going Back in Time with Sissi..." Time really flies...

"Going Back in Time with Sissi..."  Time really flies...
My gorgeous daughter and her third baby, my youngest granddaughter.
Sissi and her girl, my youngest grandchild.
2015. My daughter with her 3 children, my 3 grandchildren 
celebrating her baby's birthday in their New York home.
My daughter with her 3 children, my grandchildren celebrating an event
in their paternal grandmother's New York house in the Summer of 2015.
Sissi, my Princess, my gorgeous daughter. I love her with all my heart!
Sissi, my beautiful daughter. I love my girl with all my heart!
1980. My gorgeous baby girl when she was about one year old.
Sissi was born in New York. I love my baby girl with all my heart and soul!
My dear father went to New York to visit his only grandchild, my newborn baby girl.
He was really thrilled holding my baby, and very happy being a grandfather.
This old photo was taken at the Queens Botanical Garden in Flushing, New York.
My father, my mother and my aunts helped me with my child upbringing.
She is my little girl in Kindergarden around 1983.
My dear mom took great care of my child.
Sadly, my mom passed away just too soon... My heart was broken!
My mother was unable to see my daughter growing up...
God may bless their beautiful hearts!
Pictures of my dear father with my baby girl long ago. My dad is in Heaven.
My daughter, Sissi -as a little girl- and I in New York in 1985.
1985 Summer in New York. 
Studio Photo of Sissi, my beautiful girl when she was 7.
1988 Christmas with my father and aunts overseas.
My daughter and I spent Christmas with my dad, her grandfather, 
and my aunts, her great-aunts in their house. We had a great time together!
1988. My girl in 3rd Grade Elementary Private Catholic School.
My girl in 3rd Grade in 1988, Private Catholic School.
My little girl in the School Class 1989, 4th Grade Elementary Private School.
My girl in 1989 in 4th Grade Elementary Private School.
My little daughter in 1989 taking her First Communion with all her classmates
at the Chapel of a Private Catholic School where she attended up to Graduation.
My little girl in 1989 taking her First Communion with her classmates.
Photo of my daughter's First Holy Communion. 
My girl loved her grandfather with all her heart.
My father loved his granddaughter with all his heart and soul.
My daddy helped me so much with her upbringing...
This is a golden picture of my father and my daughter in October 1989 at Church.
Sadly, it was the last picture taken of my dear father. My heart was broken! 
My dad was very ill, but he still attended my daughter's ceremony.
Two months later, my dear father passed away in December 1989 
a few days before Christmas. Sissi and I had a very sad Christmas!
Sissi, my little girl, in Manhattan, New York City in the Spring of 1990.
Class of 1991. 6th Grade Elementary Private School.
My little girl is the second child on the left of this photo.
The kids were doing an Old Timers Play at the School Theater.
My daughter -as a young girl- was wearing a red skirt and a white shawl. 
Class of 1992. My kid with her classmates in their Graduation Day 
from an Elementary Private Catholic School.
My girl in Class 1992. 
Private Catholic School Graduation Day with her classmates.
Sissi with her High School friends after School in 1993.
This is grandmom, me, with my 2 grandchildren, my first granddaughter
 and my grandson in New York around Christmas 1999 at Sissi's home.
Well, this is a golden picture of my daughter, her first baby, my two aunts -Neyfer & Helen-
and me -with my arms around them- in March 1999 before my daughter's son was born.
My aunts were the sisters of my father, and Sissi's great-aunts.
Sissi, my beautiful daughter, came to visit her aunts -who were very ill- in 2007.
She stayed in my place with her mom, who is me...
My aunt Neyfer, the oldest sister of my father, 
my daughter's great-aunt, was very ill in 2007.
Sissi flied from New York to visit her dearest great-aunt at Hospital Overseas.
As I have already mentioned before, my aunts -along with my parents- 
helped me with my daughter's upbringing. They did a great job!
Sadly, my aunt Neyfer passed away in 2008 at the age of 96.
My aunt Helen also passed away in 2008 at the age of 94.
My girl and I will always remember and love our dearest aunts forever.
This picture was taken in my daughter's home in New York in 2009 
-when my baby granddaughter was born. I am holding my baby grandchild.
My older granddaughter is standing behind her grandmom, me...
This pic has been the best and last photo 
of my dear family together so far in 2009 Fall Season in New York.
My daughter and my 3 grandchildren took me out to dinner to a lovely 
Restaurant to celebrate my birthday. We had a great time together!
I love and miss my dear family so much with all my heart and soul!

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