Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, my dear daughter!!

Happy Birthday, my dear daughter!!
Have a wonderful birthday with your 3 children, my dear grandchildren, your husband, your family and beloved ones!!
I wish you joy, happiness, health, peace, and a shower of blessings may always abound in your precious life, my dear daughter. I wish you a long long life full of happy moments.
A raindrop landing on your cheek, it must be a kiss from your grandparents (my dear parents) from Heaven. I know they are watching you under the shadow of God's wings.
Long ago, I went to a New York harbor by the sea. I sat by the beach looking at the serenade of rollling ocean waves, I made a wish, and asked the Holy Spirit to grant me that gift as a blessing from the Lord. An Angel appeared in the sky and told me to toss it into the sea... I did that... Then a few months later, you were born...
You are a true blessing to me, my dear daughter.
Happy Birthday, sweetheart!!
Enjoy your day and your life with your dear family and all your loved ones in your New York City land!!
You deserve the very best. You are an angel of love.
I love you and miss you so dearly!!
God keeps blessing you with shower of blessings on your way.
I adore you, my precious angel daugthter!!
Your mom.