Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, My Dear Daughter, Grandchildren and Family!!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, My Dear Daughter, Grandchildren and Family!
My dear daughter as a child and me at Christmas long ago...
This photo was taken in a Photographic New York Studio of my baby daughter long ago...
I took this Winter picture of my little daughter at the Botanical Gardens in Queens, New York.
A New Year is a New Beginning, New Blessings of Life Wonders. Praise the Lord!
This is the first photo my daughter took when her baby, my youngest granddaughter, was born.
My daughter, her husband, their 3 children, my grandchildren at Christmas.
I share a photo of my dear growing family at full bloom this Christmas year in New York.
This photo shows my dear beautiful daughter, her husband, their 3 children with their uncle and his fiance√®. My daughter's husband got a younger brother who is there with them. He is a Civil Engineer  with a Master in Mathematics and works in the Project of The New World Trade Center Buildings (former Twin Towers) in New York City.
My dear daughter and her 3 children, my grandchildren. They have grown up so big by now...
She is my youngest and beautiful granddaughter.
My daughter, her husband, their 3 children, my grandchildren. I love them!!
New York Photo of my dear family, my daughter, her husband and their 3 children, my grandchildren in their home celebrating my grandson's birthday.
This is my gorgeous daughter with her son, my handsome grandson...
This is me, the mother of my dear daughter, and a grandmom too...
This photo was taken by my daughter on my birthday in New York. It shows my daughter's husband with his children, my eldest grandchildren, my granddaughter, my grandson and me.
My 3 grandchildren at Christmas in their home in New York.
My first granddaughter and my grandson when they were little ones and me
at Christmas in New York long ago...
My dear grandson and me in their home in New York.
My dear daughter with her baby and me in their home in New York.
This is an Old Photo of my daughter's parents-in-law (the father and mother of my daughter's husband) and me at Christmas in New York long ago...
My eldest granddaughter with her paternal grandparents after her graduation
at a New York School.
My youngest granddaughter with her paternal grandfather at home.
My daughter's husband with his parents, my grandchildren's paternal grandparents.
A pic of my 2 granddaughters and their paternal grandmother in their home in New York.
A pic of my baby granddaughter and me.
Oh! This is a lovely picture of my grandson, my eldest granddaughter and me in one of the Ballrooms. It was my birthday.
 So, they took me out for supper to a wonderful Catering Restaurant in New York.
My dear family wanted to surprise me and celebrate my birthday in a special place. It was a lovely place! They showed me their wonderful gift that I would never forget. This photo was taken there. My eldest grandchildren were sitting at the grand piano, my daughter was next to me in the Ballroom of a Catering Restaurant in Long Island, New York. 
What a lovely place to enjoy one's memorable event! Awesome!
I would love to share this unforgetable experience with my Online friends and readers...
Awesome family photo! My dear daughter, my 3 grandchildren and me.
This is me as a little child. Do you see any resemblance of me in my dear family?...
This old photo is baby Starry. My dear mom went to a Photo Studio and had my pic taken.
We search for answers. We look into our own heart, and we may see the mirror of one's soul...


Monday, October 15, 2012

"Sissy, my dear precious daughter."

"Sissy, my dear precious daughter."
Your mother loves you so much!!