Saturday, August 9, 2014

"Traveling throughout Time with Family Photos..."

"Traveling  throughout Time with Family Photos..."
My dear parents.
This photo was taken at St. Charles, Catholic Church with the Priest 
in the ceremony of My First Holy Communion a long time ago...
Well, the little girl with a big white dress is me.  
My dear mom is next to me with a brown and white dress, white hat and white bag.
My dear parents and me at my First Holy Communion.
My dear maternal Italian (Genovese) grandmother and me.
My dear Italian (Genovese) granny and me -as a child.
My dear father and I when I was 16 years old.
This photo was taken at my father's Restaurant a long time ago.
This photo was taken at the Botanical Gardens, Queens, New York
 when my baby was born.
My dear father visited us. You can see my daddy holding my baby in this lovely picture.
My dad was so happy to see us back then!...
This pic is a collection of golden treasures in the good old happy days. 
My daddy is next to my baby girl in different places and time frames.
My Baby Girl when she was around 1 year old or so...

This is my little girl, my child on Main Street, Flushing, Queens, New York.
This lovely pic was taken in Winter Time, as you may realize...
Oh, I love her! This old pic is my girl in Kindergarden...
My daughter and me in New York. She was about 7 years old back then...
Well, this is us, my kid and I around Christmas Time Overseas. 
My girl was about 8 years old in this pic, a long time ago...
This is the last photo of my dear father with my daughter. My girl was 10 years old.
I took this pic in my daughter's First Holy Communion at Church.
My dad was very sick at that point. He had a heart failure.
My father passed away 2 months after this photo was taken...
It was so very sad for both of us! 
Our lives dramatically changed afterwards...
I took this picture of my dear daughter at the World Trade Center, 
Twin Towers in New York City.
She had just turned 17 years old back then. 
A Great Photo, Another Golden Treasure! 
This is my kid with her first baby girl and me in their New York home.
My daughter was 18 years old when she got married and had her first baby.
I love this lovely photo! It is a golden family treasure...
Our family got reunited Overseas. You can see my daughter holding her baby girl,
my first granddaughter. Then, it is me holding my kid, grand and my two aunts. Great pic!
This is me with my little granddaughter and my baby grandson in New York.
My dear family, my daughter and 3 grandchildren and me in New York 
when my baby granddaughter was born 5 years ago... Time really flies!!
This photo is really a golden treasure too. It was taken in their New York home.
You see here, my grown up girl with her 3 kids, my grandchildren, 
and my daughter's husband, 
my grandchildren's father.
Dear Readers,
I hope you enjoy viewing photos
and traveling throughout time with my dear family.