Sunday, April 22, 2018

Happy Birthday to My Princess Daughter!! Your mom adores you.

Happy Birthday to My Princess Daughter!!
You were celebrating your 5th birthday with your grandfather & grandmom in this old pic.
Princess, You & your husband went on vacation to the Rockly Mountains in Colorado.
The Tour included a Trip on a Helicopter. Your pretty photo was taken there...
I wrote a Poem for you, for my wonderful daughter.
I made a Photo Poem for you, sweetheart. I hope you like it...
(Click to Enlarge Image)
You came into my world at daybreak (7.20 a.m.) as a real blessing. Since then on, you've enlightened my life with the sparkle of your glowing star. My Universe changed after you were born -bringing happiness and a meaning into my life. God gave me the blessing gift of your existence -like a rose garden filled with a unique fragrance. Thanks God! Happy Birthday to My Baby!
May all your dreams come true, sweetheart!!
You blessed me with your beautiful existence, and with your 3 children,
my precious grandchildren. You are happily married to your wonderful husband.
God gave you the gift of many blessings in your life.
Happy Birthday to my daughter, and many more to celebrate!!

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