Sunday, June 3, 2012

"My daughter, and her little dolls called Strawberry Shortcake & Friends."

"My daughter, and her little dolls called Strawberry Shortcake & Friends."

When my daughter was a little child, we used to go to all Department Stores Toys Section everywhere we would go into different neighborhoods in New York. She was stunned by the beauty of little dolls, such as Strawberry Shortcake & Friends, My Little Pony, Shera, the supergirl, Rainbow Bright, the Smurfs, Gem and the Holograms, etc. She had got all those which were available at that time. Her room was certainly filled with little toys. So, I had to buy a big strawberry looking red basket for her toys. My little daughter -at that time- used to take her little dolls in her backpack everywhere, especially Strawberry Shortcake. My baby took her dolls to all places, like to the Park, to School and to Church on Sundays. She was indeed, a good mom for her little dolls... When Sissy grew up, she became a great mother for her own children.

If you don't remember these sort of little dolls, I am going to post some of them for you to see how pretty they are. I think they still sell them at Toy Stores...

Now, my daughter is a grown up, an excellent mother herself. She has her own dolls to play with. Oh!! I love her so much!! I love my grandchildren too!!
My daughter, Sissy takes her children everywhere, for instance, to the Park, to School, to Deparment Stores and to Church on Sundays. Thanks God, my little child grew up to become a wonderful mother herself, and to create her own loving family. She has done a superb job...
I am so happy for them. God bless their hearts!!

I love you so much, dear daughter Sissy, my loving grandchildren and wonderful family.
This special Family Album Blog is dedicated to Sissy, my dear daughter and her children.
I am heading towards my destiny. I have already packed my suitcases, and I am ready to fly to New York at anytime, if that is God's will. I'll soon go there for our everlasting family gathering reunion, which is part of the Lord's master plan for my life. Praise the Lord, Jesus Christ!!
God may bless you all!!
Anyway, I shall be going Offline for a while, since my mind is set in New York with my dear folks.
Well, that's it... Until we write again, dear Online Friends. Welcome Aboard!!
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Jo-Anne Meadows said...

I loved reading this post and yes I remember Strawberry Shortcake very well.......

Starry Dawn said...

Thank you, Jo-Anne for viewing our family album and writing your lovely comments!!
I am glad you like Strawberries.
Welcome Aboard at anytime!
Poet Starry.